Before & After Hair Transplant

Before & After Hair Transplant


It's typical for people to believe that "before and after FUE hair transplantation" refers only to the photographs before and after the surgery, but avoiding and performing specific activities before and after the procedure is also essential. It would be fine if you did not overlook that preparation before and after the sapphire hair transplantation process, and the sapphire hair transplantation process itself is crucial.

Although before and after hair transplantation are only regarded as photographs demonstrating clear and excellent results in our era, careful planning ahead of time, adhering to some medical instructions, and good post-op care is necessary.

The first thing in deciding whether or not you'll undergo FUE hair transplantation is to determine which doctor you'll go with. It would be best to locate a sapphire hair transplantation specialist who will inform his clients about all of the available options without misleading them. You may wind up being dissatisfied if you don't do so. For more information, see our essay entitled "The Most Frequently Asked Questions About Sapphire Hair Transplantation."

What to Consider When Choosing a Hair Transplant Center.

It's crucial to remember that hair transplantation is a surgical procedure. Even though it may appear minor to you before the sapphire hair transplant procedure, you should inform your surgeon about any medicines you take or any long-term conditions. Do not mislead the surgical team performing the FUE hair transplant surgery about the information, since doing so may jeopardize your hair transplant result as well as your life more generally. Please exercise maximum caution in this area.

If you take blood thinners regularly, you should quit them at least one week before undergoing FUE hair transplantation. Otherwise, during the operation, you will have excessive bleeding, which will impact the result. You may resume taking your medicine two days after surgery. Blood thinners are used for a reason. As a result, to receive a sapphire hair transplant and cease taking a blood thinner for about ten days, you must get your doctor's approval and stop taking it for approximately ten days.

To avoid excessive bleeding, patients using Minoxidil should stop taking the drug at least one week before surgery. Patients using tablets can begin taking medicine as soon as possible after the procedure, whereas people using topical versions of it must wait two weeks.

Ensure that the clinic you choose for FUE hair transplantation does not exclude Hepatitis B, C, and HIV patients. Depending on the characteristics of the operation rooms, clinics performing FUE hair transplantation may or may not accept infected people. Make sure you don't have one of these illnesses in your country. If you have one of these diseases, finding a clinic with an operating room that is appropriate for you and can accept you prevents you from travelling to another nation and returning without getting any treatment.

Most people who suffer from hair loss use multivitamin pills to prevent it. Vitamins B and E should be stopped one week before the FUE hair transplantation to minimize the risk of bleeding.

Alcohol should be avoided for one week before the sapphire hair transplant procedure because of the danger of blood dilution. After your FUE hair transplant surgery, Transplant Hair Istanbul Clinic will provide you with a pouch full of medicines. You can't drink alcohol at least five days after your procedure since you'll be taking medications that might cause problems. The wound healing process is delayed by alcohol consumption. As a result, it's advised not to consume alcoholic beverages for 15 days after undergoing an FUE hair transplantation.

You should wear buttoned or zippered clothing above your FUE hair transplantation operation's attire. Patients who attempt to put on or remove other types of apparel after the treatment may inadvertently damage their grafts, which might be a devastating experience.

You should sleep well before undergoing an FUE hair transplant procedure. A nutritious breakfast will also aid you in getting through a long day. Washing the hirsute scalp before the sapphire hair transplant surgery reduces the chance of infection. As a result, arrive at the clinic freshly showered at your hotel before having your hair transplanted.


Not striking their heads against anything or rubbing it is one of the most crucial elements that patients should consider after FUE hair transplantation. There's no data on how many times a person hits their head somewhere and rubs it each day. Unfortunately, the number of people who damaged some follicles by hitting their heads to something or sleeping on them after sapphire hair restoration is substantial.

The attachment of the grafts to the scalp occurs after seven days following the surgery. As a result, you should be more cautious and should not strike your head against anything during this time. Patients in Transplant Hair Istanbul Clinic are taught how to sleep while undergoing treatment and how to use kits to assist them.

After the sapphire hair transplant surgery, you must lay down for one night. It's not a good idea to go shopping or get caught up in city life. It uses an umbrella to shield the transplanted region from sunlight or rain when going out.

After the hair transplant surgery, you must follow your doctor's instructions. Be careful to understand what medications you have been given and their prescription before leaving the Transplant Hair Istanbul Clinic.

After the hair transplant operation, you should not apply anything else on your scalp until you've washed it with the isotonic solution supplied for moisturizing. It's critical to clean your hair during the healing process properly. Transplant Hair Istanbul Clinic performs the first wash following FUE hair transplantation 48 hours after surgery.

Our doctors go through the washing process in our clinic with patients and give them comprehensive instructions before printing photos and providing a link to a video. Patients are asked for photographs, which are followed up on during this time. As a result, you may rest assured that your hair will have received the necessary care from us.

After the first wash, Transplant Hair Istanbul Clinic advises that you use the clinic's medical shampoo once a day for one month. It would be best to switch to a natural shampoo that won't damage your hair and wash your hair often, depending on your hair type at the end of this period. You may clean dry hair every 2-3 days; however, you should wash oily hair every day.

Before the second week, you should remove all scabs from the region where FUE hair transplantation is done, and this will encourage your hair to thrive. After ten days, you can remove scabs by applying more significant pressure while washing. We are at your service 24 hours a day, seven days a week, with our experienced assistance team if necessary.