Hair Transplant Turkey Cost

One of the most frequent reasons why around 1 million men from all over the world choose to have hair transplant operations in İstanbul/Turkey is that Turkey offers a reasonable cost for hair transplantation.

Types Of Hair Transplant Price Range in Turkey Price Range in the UK Price Range in Europe Price Range in USA
Fue Hair Transplant € 1799 – € 2500 £ 4690 – £ 10090 € 3450 – € 4850 $ 8000 - $ 15000
DHI Hair Transplant € 2490 – € 4000 £ 10600 – £ 13090 € 5550 – € 31190 $ 10000 - $ 20000
Manuel Fue Transplant € 3490 – € 5990 £ 15750 – £ 30090 € 12700 – € 41390 $ 12000 - $ 22000
Sapphire Fue Transplant € 1999 – € 4990 £ 5750 – £ 14090 € 4700 – € 6300 $ 10000 - $ 24000

In many European countries, it's difficult for individuals to know if they can afford a hair transplant because the procedures are expensive, and patients are charged per graft. Most Turkey hair transplant clinics provide "All Inclusive" services to their clients. These packages include all transfers and housing as part of the deal, and there is no additional cost if more grafts are used. They also promise no hidden charge, which removes any doubt about whether or not individuals can afford their surgery.

In Turkey, hair transplant costs are one-third or one-fourth as expensive as in the United Kingdom or European nations. Most Turkish hair transplant clinics charge between 1,300 and 2,000 GBP for a hair transplant.

Does Low Cost Means Low Quality?

In Turkey, low hair transplantation prices may deter some people and lead them to believe that low pricing implies poor quality. The balance between the Turkish lira and other currencies like the British pound, euro, and the dollar is why hair transplant surgery in Turkey is so cheap. Because of the currency equilibrium in Turkey, you can get a high-quality hair transplant AND other therapies from a highly experienced clinic or hospital for very little money.

In recent years, the number of Turkish dermatologists performing hair restoration surgery has exploded—due to a rise in competition. As a result, clinics decreased their pricing as a marketing method. Turkey's doctors and hospitals are well-known for their experience and for successfully achieving complicated operations. You should know that Turkey has long been a popular destination for dental treatments, eye surgery, cancer treatment, and plastic surgery. Years ago, before Turkey became the most popular destination for hair restoration over the last 20 years, people from the United Kingdom and other countries had been going on group excursions as a holiday and getting eye laser surgery and dental treatments after a lovely trip.

Turkish Health Ministry accreditation is necessary for clinics that perform hair transplantation. Regular inspections ensure that clinics maintain the highest levels of quality.

What Is All-Inclusive Package?

  • All transfers are included, as Airport to hotel, hotel to clinic
  • Before, during, and after surgery, you'll require medicines.
  • A 4-star or 5-star hotel will provide you with the necessary facilities for your stay.
  • A native speaker of your mother language is ideal.
  • Aftercare services are available for free.
  • Before you arrive in Turkey, you may plan your trip and budget exactly how much the FUE hair transplant will cost.

What are the factors affecting hair transplant cost in Turkey?

Hair transplant physicians and clinics: Turkey has many doctors and clinics that specialize in hair restoration. In terms of price, there is a significant difference among the top clinics. Although they can be hard to come by, the finest surgeons are at the top of the priest list. Before selecting a surgeon, see whether their reviews and background are positive.

Hotel: All-inclusive packages include accommodation in 5-star or 4-star hotels. If you want to save time, a 4-star hotel may be ideal; a 5-star hotel is a way to go if you prefer more comfort.

Hair transplantation has a long history. The technique to work with hair loss and baldness may be as simple or complex as the person who is doing it wants. It all comes down to preference, experience, and skill when determining how complicated a procedure will be.

Graft Number: Some clinics provide all-inclusive packages, but others charge per graft. Understanding the maximum number of transplanted grafts is critical to determine how much you will pay.

How much does hair transplant cost in Turkey?

In Turkey, the all-inclusive hair transplant package costs € 2,300 on average, with a minimum of €1,100 and a maximum of € 6,000. The mentioned price is roughly three times lower than the global average for all-inclusive hair transplant packages. In Germany, a hair transplant set you back around € 5,700; in the United Kingdom, it's around £6,500; in Spain, it's about €5,950; and in Poland, it'll cost you around EUR 5,300.

How much does 3000 grafts cost in Turkey?

Hair transplants are hair restoration surgery in which follicles from one person's scalp are transplanted to another's. In general, 3000 grafts are processed on average, and3000 grafts equal to 7500 hairs strands is about the norm.

Hair transplantation with 3000 grafts is neither more nor less than hair transplantation with 6000 grafts. Therefore pricing calculations are made over 6000 grafts, and the cost of hair transplantation is presented in this manner to individuals who are planning on having it done. Some hair transplantation clinics make fraudulent claims such as "more than 3000 grafts can't be transplanted."

To perform more than 3000 hair transplantation procedures, the donor area must be suitable for that type of surgery. Overharvesting to transplant more than 3000 grafts, on the other hand, is harmful to the patient's future. As a result, good preparation before undergoing surgery is essential for a successful hair transplant.

Hair transplantation centres with price calculators for hair transplantation make 3000 hair transplantation grafts, even if it is usually possible. They offer a price range from €1,500 to €4,500 for these 3000 hair transplantation grafts. People who suffer from complete hair loss may need two or more hair transplantation treatments; because 3000 grafts will not be enough.

Hair Transplant in Turkey Cost

Hair transplant in Turkey Price – There are some additional advantages to having a hair transplant in Turkey:

Experienced specialists: There are many world-renowned experienced specialists in Istanbul/ Turkey, which is known as the hair transplant capital. These physicians work hard to meet their patients' expectations by learning.

Advanced technologies: Clinics in Istanbul employed the most up-to-date surgical tools, such as sapphire blades, to guarantee that their patients obtained the most acceptable treatment.

Turkey is a popular vacation spot for tourists. You may have a fantastic profession before undergoing surgery.

Turkey's data protection regulation is comparable to those in other European nations. You may rest confident that your business is secure.

The safety of transplant surgery in Turkey is overseen by the Turkish Health Ministry's emergency requirements. These clinics must meet Turkish Health Ministry emergency standards to do hair transplantation. You may rest confident that you'll be in excellent hands at all times. The most appealing element about hair transplants in Turkey is the expense. Everyone wants a 5-star service for one-fourth of the price.

How much does 2000 grafts cost?

In hair transplantation, 2000 grafts are equivalent to 5000 strands of hair. The cost of 2000 grafts is between €1,500 and €4,500. However, because most hair transplant clinics provide all-inclusive packages for maximum follicular unit extraction, the price of 2000 grafts in Turkey will not be as high as 4000 follicular units or 3000 follicular units (when utilizing the same technique).

How much does 4000 hair grafts cost in Turkey?

Four thousand grafts are approximately the same as 10000 hair strands in hair transplantation. The price of 4000 grafts ranges from €1,500 to €4,500. In Germany, package prices range from €5,700 to €6,500; in the United Kingdom, €6,000 to €7,000; in Spain €5,950 to €6,000, and in Poland €5,300. In those situations where the cost of 4000 graft hair transplants is between €6000 and €14000.

Why is Hair Transplant so cheap in Turkey?

Turkey is well-known for offering hair transplant procedures at a low cost compared to other countries and the United Kingdom. It should not be assumed that the cheaper pricing is because of the poor quality of Turkey's Hair Transplant Clinics. There are high-quality clinics and highly experienced and skilled hair transplant surgeons in Istanbul, the country's capital. The main reason for the lower costs of hair transplantation in Turkey is the lower cost of rent, supplies, and products and the substantial exchange rate disparity between Turkish lira and EURO and USD. As a result, hair transplant clinics in Turkey may provide less-cost procedures of equal or higher quality.


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Transplant Hair Istanbul Clinic Aftercare Program

After your operation, it's essential to recuperate to match the new growth. Unlike other cosmetic procedures, hair transplant outcomes are not evident immediately following surgery. During this time, Transplant Hair Istanbul Clinic will assist you. Our team and physicians will respond to all of your queries and determine if further treatment is necessary.